These are big times for the Final Fantasy series, as both Final Fantasy XV looks to be getting the series back on track and the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake is finally in the works. Even though it would seem like a long-shot that the Final Fantasy VII Remake would launch in 2016, considering that the developers have never given a release window it was still entirely possible. However, Square Enix has shed a bit more light on what the plans are for the Remake this year, which certainly confirms that the game will not be launching in 2016.

The producer of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Yoshinori Kitase, recently spoke with Famitsu in the magazine’s latest issue (translated by Siliconera) where he anticipates that 2016 will mainly consist of creating and experimenting with the game and what it can accomplish with the PlayStation 4. He says that he believes, “that this year will still be a year of preparations for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. I’d like to create a new kind of value for the hardware that is the PlayStation 4 for our next announcement.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake is aiming to stay true to the original game that launched for the original PlayStation, though it will also be shaking things up in several ways. Considering that the PlayStation 4 hardware gives Square Enix so much more to work with many of the game’s areas will be expanded, the story will be fleshed out more and the combat system is receiving a complete overhaul. Perhaps the biggest change, however, is that the game will be releasing in parts rather than one standalone game. The developers claim that the massive scope of the game will not allow them to release it all in one package as it wouldn’t fit, though the exact details on how many parts will eventually be released is still up in the air.

While Final Fantasy VII Remake has only be confirmed as coming first to PlayStation 4, it is expected that it will eventually make its way to other platforms. Considering that Final Fantasy XV will be launching for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and previous games in the series are starting to release for PC, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Final Fantasy VII Remake follow suit at some point. Much more information is expected to be released at upcoming gaming events throughout the year, so be sure to stay tuned for all of the latest news regarding the game.

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