The Christmas season is the time where video games enjoy some of the biggest sales of the year, and now it has been revealed what the best-selling digital game was for the Xbox One. TIGCN posted the top 10 best-selling digital Xbox One games during the week of Christmas, and the game that took the number one spot was none other than Crystal Dynamicsí Rise of the Tomb Raider. Itís also worth noting that the list did not include any free games or add-ons, so the top 10 is entirely fair and accurate.

Scroll down for the complete top 10 list:

1. Rise of the Tomb Raider
2. Star Wars Battlefront
3. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
4. Minecraft
5. Ori and the Blind Forest
6. Need for Speed
7. Grand Theft Auto V
8. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
9. Madden NFL 16
10. Kinect Sports Rivals

While the fact that Rise of the Tomb Raider did so well isnít necessarily surprising seeing as how good the game ended up being, what is surprising is the fact that it ended up beating Star Wars Battlefront. The Star Wars fandom has reached a height that is so high right now that it seems like nothing can top it, though Battlefront has received some criticism due to its lack of a singleplayer campaign and relatively content-light multiplayer mode. Elsewhere on the list we have the likes of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition continuing to do well and Ori and the Blind Forest doing the same despite the fact that it is a much smaller and more unique game compared to other games in the top 10.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is the sequel to Crystal Dynamicsí 2013 Tomb Raider reboot and is considered by many to be an improvement on the already solid original game. Crystal Dynamics made a controversial deal with Microsoft to give the game timed exclusivity on Xbox consoles this year, though the game will be releasing for other platforms next year. Rise of the Tomb Raider will launch for PC next month according to Steam, while the PlayStation 4 version isnít expected to launch until Q4 2016.

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