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Privacy on the internet is a big concern these days. We assure you that all information posted on pixelbella will not be sold to third party organizations or companies. In fact, we encourage our users to limit the amount of information that they want to share. However, we do reserve the right to submit any needed information that will lead to the arrest of any non law abiding citizens.

Almost everything within your profile can be hidden from other users except your username, name, profile picture, posts, and post count.


Your email is used as a part of your login. We have taken steps to insure your email does not get displayed publicly. Please do not share your email on pixelbella.

In addition, you have full control over the emails you receive from us.


One of the most common reasons accounts become compromised 'hacked' is due to the direct result of poorly created passwords. We encourage our users to use strong passwords (passwords that use a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols). In addition, you should never use your name, date of birth, telephone number, or any information that may already be available to the public.

Protecting your account and personal information

Having both a hidden email and strong password is the best way to protect your account and personal information. Avoid using public computers if possible and always remember to logout if you are.

Updated June 2016

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