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  1. 10.24.16 2:00 pm
    Hi Vincent.
  2. 12.2.12 10:40 am
    Hello! Im Kim
  3. 9.10.12 3:01 pm
    omg im SOOOOOO mad. i bought you a small poster from paris of the eiffel tower but it ripped cause i put it in my suitcase. im so stupid. but its okay because you're going to be in paris yourself anyways! but to make it up to you i bought you a painting from prague :)

    prague is so pretty. you and daddy should come here but its really small so you might get bored if you spend more than 2 days here.

    are you just going to italy paris and germany? for italy, venice florence and rome were all really fun. i didnt get a chance to go to milan. paris was really fun but its definitely not like the movies. its pretty dirty and there are a lot of african americans and indians. and theres trash everywhere and it smells. but go to Versailles gardens for sure! im going to upload pictures so you can see! but when i get back because i dont have a computer with me. and for germany i only went to berlin and it was okay. not that great. everyone says munich is a lot better so make sure you go there! all i did in berlin was go to museums to learn about hitler. everything there is under construction still so my pictures werent that pretty.

    im going to krakow next and im going to visit Auschwitz. ill let you know how that goes. haha! europe is really fun though i wish i can go again with you and daddy :(
  4. 9.8.12 12:59 pm
    you need to come to prague! ITS SOOOO PRETTTY HERE!
  5. 8.24.12 1:25 pm
    Using your website right now in barcelona!! Tell mom and dad that I'm going to fly to Paris tomorrow morning at 7am and I'm staying there for a week! :)
  6. 8.11.12 5:46 pm
    hey I need to talk to dad tomorrow. can you make sure that he messages me when he is online?
  7. 7.11.12 3:40 pm
    how does mom have more friends than me? :( oh and i've been handing out your business cards to random people in london when i take the train from brighton! i hope they joined!
  8. 7.11.12 11:34 am
    Hi kiddo.
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